firma fiammetta


It is history...
A long history of two centuries: the history of the Vanelli family’s marble.

Everything begins in 1818 when Duchess Maria Beatrice d'Este grants the Vanelli family the right to excavate Carrara's white marble in Monte Betogli. Since the nineteenth century, Vanelli quarries provided marble for building public works in the most important European capitals, which were expanding due to the process of industrial revolution and developing from rural villages into metropolitan cities. In 1890 the construction work of the railway for the marble industry was completed: cut with old craft techniques, marble blocks took the sea road on beautiful sailing ships, crossing oceans and rivers, to enter the heart of the cities

Aldo Vanelli acquired the family quarry in 1960, the quarry Zone 67, Mossa area.

The story of the Vanelli family continues today with his son Giorgio Vanelli who has been working since the age of 18. In 2011, the Vanelli family acquired the quarry 66 Poggio Silvestre. This quarry provides marbles for the construction of important works all over the world. Fiammetta Vanelli is the heiress of this extraordinary heritage. Today, with the advent of robotics and the latest techniques, which allows endless cutting solutions with amazing results, Fiammetta is carrying out art projects realized together with international artists. The marble of FiammettaV becomes also complement for furniture, fashion jewellery, design solution, and luxury details in what can be defined the feminine declination of a long family tradition.